11 September 2017

RS-1000 concept by iXS

Choose your style!

The RS-1000 concept by iXS brings a splash of color to your world. The new concept gives motorcycle riders the opportunity to add a very personal touch to their motorcycle fashion by setting color accents in a very individual and distinctive way. The newly developed slider parts – consisting of shoulder caps, elbow and knee sliders – can be interchanged with such little effort and are available in various color versions.

Customize your clothing to suit your personal style. Create your own suit with your favorite colors or match it to your helmet or motorcycle; choose between a great variety of colors. Whenever you want to change your style, the color parts can be easily changed out.

The RS-1000 slider product family, which is produced with intelligent lightweight technology, was originally developed as a system for sports racing. Now the area of application is expanding and the innovation will also be installed into future production models. For 2018, iXS will come out with a one-piece and a two-piece leather suit, as well as a leather jacket/pants combination including the RS-1000 concept. Even in the textile area, two sporty jackets and a complete touring suit, all fitted with the RS-1000 concept, will be introduced as well.

Horst Saiger (Road Racing pilot), Dominique Aegerter (moto2 pilot) and other racing pilots equipped with iXS have rigorously tested the RS-1000 concept gear under the toughest conditions of real racing, to make sure they not only meet their high demands, but also provide all the comfort and protection they need, along with the style of your choice – any time! Now it’s up to you to let your true color shine through – create your own personal look customized to your very own style.