Santiago Bernal

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Colombian Rider Santiago Bernal is a debutant in the 2018 Dakar Rally

Santiago Bernal says: "I started in motocross at the age of 13, from there I went to enduro and shortly after the Dakar arrived in South America, I began to get an interest for the rallies. At the same time I participated at the ISDE 2014 (International Six Days Enduro) in San Juan, Argentina - the oldest offroad competition on the FIM motorsports calendar. I loved that experience and now I will visit there again because the Dakar will arrive in that province.

My participation in the Merzouga Rally, which I did as a preparation of the Dakar Rally, was very enriching. I found that race very though. It has a dynamic that forces you out of your comfort zone. In short, it is different from everything! But I have passed that test and now I can go to the Dakar. So I'm doing physical training, gymnastics and motocross to add riding hours. Working with motorcycles is also my job as I am the KTM distributor in Colombia and I have a motorcycle dealership. I go to the Dakar with a KTM 450 Rally that is prepared by XRaids. Aspirations of position? Arrive as far as possible, within the Top 50."

CLASS  Dakar
BIKE  KTM 450 Rally  
BIRTHDAY  9 December 1980
RESIDENCE  Bogota (Colombia)
HEIGHT  1.78 m
WEIGHT  72 kg

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