13 December 2016

iXS Athlete Patric Muff explains his racing suit

iXS Athlete Patric Muff Explains his iXS Racing Suit

The Swiss Champion shows what matters

The recently crowned Swiss Champion Patric Muff visited his clothing supplier iXS in Sursee to help demonstrate why his suit is so critical to his performance.

In the following video, he talks about his made-to-measure racing suit, which features are included and how they work while he's racing. Patric gives insights into the most important points of his suit and explains the differences between his suit and a standard leather suit.

Already in his first season for the HESS-Racing Team, Patric could win the Swiss Championship in the highest category this year - Superstock 1000.

After three years in the internationally leading British Superbike championship, Patric has returned into the SMR (Swiss Moto Racing). Riding bikes since the age of 5, Patric initially began his career with Motocross and Supermotard, later on changed to road racing where he challenged many renowned championships.